Swarf Degreasing - Turning Washing

Our swarf degreasing machines retrieve high value metals and super alloys lost during the machining process. These lines size reduce, decontaminate and dry the material creating a raw material for vacuum melting.

Contaminated swarf or turnings represent a significant loss in material especially metals like titanium and super alloys such as nickel-iron- cobalt. Rotajet have specialised metal recycling systems to fully wash and dry swarf and turnings to a vacuum grade standard.





What do our clients think?

“My experience working with Rotajet has been very positive and I am delighted with the turnings washing and drying line that they designed, built, installed and commissioned for us. They understood exactly what the remit was and gave us something that does exactly what we required.

From the outset, the experience was one where we were kept informed of each stage of the project and it was ultimately delivered precisely when we wanted.

Mark Semple – Proficio

Swarf is normally tangled together and generally acts as a bulk mass. To process the swarf, the material needs to be reduced in size to 6-15mm chips, this not only allows the material to be easily conveyed and processed, but it also increases bulk density. 

The swarf is cleaned by both chemical cleaning action and also the impingement from the force of the spray nozzles. The used cleaning solution is then transferred to a bulk storage vessel where it is heated and filtered before being recirculated. 

Before entering the vacuum furnace it is important to ensure that the material is completely dry to reduce atmospheric pressures as the moisture is evaporated. It is imperative at this stage that carbon is not reintroduced so care has been taken in both designs to ensure indirect heating is applied.

Ferrous Removal ​

A combination of magnets is used in this line to make sure that the ferrous material has been completely removed. Firstly an overband magnet is used to remove the bulk of the contamination. As the material travels along the conveying system small ferrous particles are trapped under the stream. To remove any remaining material a drum magnet is used to produce a decontaminated, dry stream for bagging off ready for transport to the vacuum furnace.

Once the material has gone through these processes it is ready to be stored or transported directly to a vacuum furnace. 

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