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Tunnel Washing Systems

Our automated tunnel washing systems can drastically increase your throughput rate, reducing your labour spends and increasing your profit margins.

Automate your decontamination process

The Rotajet Tunnel Washing Machines are a continuous washing system ideal for many industrial degreasing applications, especially when a high throughput rate is required. The machines can be manufactured to suit most metal or plastic components due to their flexible and intuitive design.

These machines automate much of the degreasing operation for you, reducing the need for supervision and ultimately the consumption of your labour budget. For standard degreasing operations, our machines come with both a wash and a rinse section; however, for surface treatment applications we can fit additional fresh water rinse and drying sections to deliver the very highest standard of cleaning. Each is fitted with either an overhead track or a chain conveyor to transfer the components automatically through the cleaning process.

continuous tunnel washing for food and beverage industry

Tunnel Washing Systems in Food Production

An Automated Tunnel Washing System can be the ideal solution for cleaning vast quantities of food production equipment due to the streamlined multi-stage system. Each stage can be fully optimised to suit the specific application, which allows the machine to clean each utensil to like-new condition.

The potential washing stages that can be integrated into the funnel washing machine are as follows;


To initially rid the food production items of large quantities of contamination, such as leftover foodstuffs, the prewash stage sprays freshwater through high-pressure driven spray nozzles.

Main Wash

Using the optimum quantities of washing chemicals and washing pressure, this stage will rid the utensils of large quantities of contamination, such as; dirt and stubborn foodstuffs.


This stage sprays freshwater through the spray nozzles in order to get rid of leftover residue from the main wash stage and clean the items of any remaining wash chemicals.


Using air pressure, this stage is the final step in the process of cleaning utensils. Once this process is complete, the items will be clean, dry, and ready for resume.

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Rotajet are the experts in the design and manufacture of cleaning and degreasing machinery. We’ve worked with some of the worlds biggest brands to create intuitive systems to repurpose, repair and manufacture metal and plastic components.

Spray Washing Systems

Spray washers are a simple and effective way of removing unwanted contamination from the surface of parts, containers or equipment.

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