Front-Loading Spray Washers

Our front-loading spray washers are a reliable way of washing large components, parts or containers. 

The front loading spray washer is a larger system than its Top-Loading counterpart. Because of this,  this system is able to degrease and process at much larger volumes.

With the use of high-pressure spray washers and solvents, this system will make easy work of heavily degreasing large parts in addition to greased containers and drums.

All temperatures, cycle times and pressures are fully controllable from the integrated PLC. Once your parameters are set up to handle your heaviest contaminated part, the machine will be taken through an automatic cycle. This procedure allows your operators to use their time to perform other vital duties.

The Operation of our Front-Loading Spray Washers

Firstly the dirty components are placed in the basket. This wheeled basket is designed to simply slide into the machine and as a result loading and unlading is an easy process.  To commence the wash cycle, simply press the green start button.

High cleaning standards are achieved by creating both direct and indirect (ricochet) impingement of the solvent or inhibited aqueous detergent solution. This is achieved through high pressure reciprocating spray arms. These arms contain powerful jetting set to a V pattern. As a result they providing complete washing  coverage.

Cleaning solution is recirculated to source via a perforated metal filter basket. This is powered by a pneumatically actuated, pivoting shed plate which located in the liquid return passage. To ensure the longevity of your machine, all filters are easily accessible and can be removed to allow for cleaning and servicing.

After the wash cycle the rinse pump is activated. Finally at the end of the cycle, the extraction fan is automatically energised to assist the thermal draught and to efficiently clear it of all steam.

Features & Benefits

water droplet
rotajet welder working on cars degreasing and cleaning of engine parts

To account for our customers’ varying needs, we have produced 3 standardised sizes for our front loading spray washers which are perfect for the majority of degreasing applications. fin the specs here

It is vital that your operator is protected throughout the spray washing process.

To ensure this, safety interlocks are automatically engaged during the operation of the machine and are only disengaged when the cycle has come to an end and temperatures have returned to a safe level.

Rotajet put all the measures in place to make sure your products are cleaned thoroughly, whilst ensuring the safety of the operator and the longevity of your machine.

Rotajet are the experts in the design and manufacture of cleaning and degreasing machinery. We’ve worked with some of the worlds biggest brands to create intuitive systems to repurpose, repair and manufacture metal and plastic components.

Looking for something compact? Take a look at our RJ-TL spray washer here:

Spray Washing Systems

Spray washers are a simple and effective way of removing unwanted contamination from the surface of parts, containers or equipment.

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