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Hospital Gurney and Wheelchair Sanitation

The Rotajet AMB 2000 was designed to sanitize,clean and dry patient transport equipment from ambulances.Typically,the cleaning process for such items as stretchers and wheelchairs has been carried out manually using power washers, brushes and strong detergents.

The Rotajet AMB 2000

Designed to sanitise, clean and dry patient transport equipment

The Advantages

The Rotajet AMB 2000,is a fully enclosed unit,once the items are placed in the wash cabinet,the door is locked and the cycle is started.
The cleaner / disinfecatant fluid used in the sanitize stage of the decontaminating cycle is highly effective over a wide range of bacertia, bacterial spores,fungi and viruses, including methicllin resistant staphyloloccus aureus (MRSA), clostridium difficile (CDIFF),hepatitis B and HIV agents.

Cycle Times

Below are typical cycle times for decontaminating x1 stretcher and x1 wheelchair, x1 backboard and associated equipment:

The cleaning results have been carried out using the 3M Clean-Trace system,this system measures and assess that cleaning regimes have been effective.

What do the users say?

We approached Rotajet with our idea for a stretcher and ancillary equipment cleaning unit and their response to this request was very positive. Once we had developed our specification, Rotajet was happy to work with us to design the unit that suits our needs.

“The unit is now up and running and is already proving to be a valuable asset in terms of reducing the time taken to carry out the equipment cleaning process for NEAS. The wash-cycle times are even less than we expected and are producing excellent results.

“The partnership approach to developing this unit with rotajet confirms that,given the drive and commitment to improve cleaning standards within the NHS, much more consistent and higher cleaning standards can be achieved. We would like to thank Rotajet for its patience helping us develop our idea and for producing the unit which is exceeding our expectations”.

Spray Washing Systems

Spray washers are a simple and effective way of removing unwanted contamination from the surface of parts, containers or equipment.

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