Top Loading Spray Washers

These highly efficient systems can remove contaninants from a wide range of components safely, efficiently and with very little supervision.

Remove contaminants with our spray wash systems

Rotajet manufacture a full range of top loading spray washers within our TL series. Top loading spray washers are perfect for the degreasing of small components prior to their maintenance or repair. 

All products within this range are manufactured from stainless steel and achieve a high standard of cleaning by using inhibited aqueous detergent solutions (at 70-80° C) delivered at a nominal 5 to 6 bar. The washing machines can be fitted with either motorised baskets, typically for lighter parts or fixed baskets, typically for heavier parts. In our fixed basket designs, a rotating spray bar is used to achieve complete coverage.

To make certain your top-loading spray washer is in service for years to come many control measures are fitted as standard. Along with coarse filtration, digital temperature controls and a digital cycle timer, your machine is protected from detrimental impacts caused by low water input levels.

The safety of the operator is of paramount importance when using any industrial machinery. Due to the solution being heated to over 70° C using an Inconel immersion heater and is being sprayed at high pressure, it is vital that your operator is protected throughout the spray washing process. Safety interlocks are automatically engaged during the operation of the machine and are only disengaged when the cycle has come to an end and temperatures have returned to a safe level.

Features & Benefits

To make sure your spray washer is in service for many years to come, our spray washers have been designed so that they are quick and easy to breakdown and clean.

Thanks to their intuitive design our Top Loading Spray Washers are quick and easy to install so you can get cleaning straight away.

To account for our customers varying needs we have produced 6 standardised sizes for our top loading spray washers which are perfect for the majority of degreasing applications.

We put your needs at the heart of everything we do. That’s why if you have a degreasing problem that cannot be solved by our standard machines we will gladly custom build a solution for you.

Rotajet put all the measures in place to make sure your products are cleaned thoroughly whilst ensuring the safety of the operator and the longevity of your machine.

clean components after being degreased
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Rotajet are the experts in the design and manufacture of cleaning and degreasing machinery. We’ve worked with some of the worlds biggest brands to create intuitive systems to repurpose, repair and manufacture metal and plastic components.