Military & Defence

Across the defence manufacturing industry, Rotajet ultrasonic cleaning machines are used for the cleaning and degreasing of complex components and parts.

Spray Washing:

Rotajet manufacture a range of spray washers for removing bulk contaminants from weaponry, vehicle engines or other components. The heavy amounts of oils, grease, dirt and other contaminants that are built up during their operation must be removed prior to their inspection and reconditioning.


High cleaning standards are achieved by creating both direct and indirect (ricochet) impingement of a high volume of solvent or inhibited aqueous detergent solution (at 70-80° C); delivered at a nominal 5 to 6 bar* pressure from all sides. Reciprocating spray arms containing jetting, set to a V pattern, are positioned so that their sprays merge, providing complete coverage.

On completion of the wash stage, the cleaning solution is recirculated to source via a perforated metal filter basket; powered by a pneumatically actuated, pivoting shed plate located in the liquid return passage. To ensure the longevity of your machine, all filters are easily accessible and can be removed to allow for cleaning and servicing. 

For more information about how our spray washers can improve your overhaul and reconditioning procedures, simply get in touch with our technical team who can provide you with tailored advice.

Why Rotajet?

We’ve worked with some of the biggest brands within the Military & Defence industry and can guarantee our non-destructive degreasing process.

Ultrasonic Cleaning:

Rotajet ultrasonic equipment is used for cleaning small and complex components and parts. Our bench-top ultrasonic cleaners are used in situations where only low production is required; however, we manufacture a range of multistage ultrasonic cleaners for situations where a high volume is needed. These multistage systems can be fitted with automatic loading and unloading features to further increase your throughput rate. The cleaning and degreasing solutions can be controlled with pH, and the rinse water controlled with conductivity meters. All readings can be data logged for traceability.

Rotajet ultrasonic cleaning systems are also used for the cleaning, degreasing and debris removal of weapons prior to their service and repair. Weapons need to be routinely cleaned and serviced as, over time, build up of oils and debris can occur. The Rotajet ultrasonic cleaner is ideal for this process as it uses a neutral-based degreaser, which removes the oil and debris build up. Rotajet ultrasonic systems can be supplied for anything from cleaning small side arms up to large field gun firing mechanisms.  

For degreasing and cleaning larger components, Rotajet manufacture a range of ultrasonic cleaning tanks which can be fitted with filtration and recirculation pumps.

Rotajet can customise an ultrasonic system for extremely large parts, or provide a submersible transducer which can be retrofitted to existing process tanks to speed up processes or to achieve the highest standard of cleaning.

If you have any specific questions about ultrasonic cleaning, please do not hesitate to contact us on the link below or by using the live chat feature found on this website.

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Rotajet are the experts in the design and manufacture of cleaning and degreasing machinery. We’ve created intuitive systems to re-purpose, repair and manufacture metal and plastic components.