Aerospace Parts Washing

Achieving a repeatable cleaning quality when washing parts for use in aviation is vital to manufacturing in the aerospace industry. Alongside our spray washers with designated NATO stock numbers, we have a full selection of parts washers and ultrasonic cleaners that are used across the sector.

Overhaul MRO with Rotajet's Spray Washers

Prior to any repair or maintenance, aviation components need to be clean and free from any surface contamination; ready for non-destructive testing (NDT). Rotajet manufacture a range of ultrasonic cleaning equipment for the removal of surface coatings, carbon deposit, paint, etc. 

Our standard range of parts washers are typically used for the initial cleaning and removal of the heavy deposit of oil, grease, dirt etc. from the components prior to stripping them down. Depending on your requirements, once initially washed and degreased in the Rotajet parts washers, the parts are stripped into individual component parts. These may then be cleaned and degreased again prior to inspection, using a Rotajet ultrasonic washing system. The operation may be performed with a combination of spray washers and ultrasonic cleaners, depending on the component being maintained.

If components will not fit into standard Rotajet spray washing and ultrasonic machines, bespoke machines can be manufactured. Rotajet will supply the machines with suitable aerospace-approved degreasing chemicals, along with all test and control methods for the wash solution.

Parts Washer - RJ-TL1000

parts washer

Bench-top Ultrasonics - RJ-USC/1

New Parts Cleaning

Rotajet bench-top ultrasonic cleaners are used for degreasing and cleaning small components. For large components, Rotajet manufacture a range of industrial ultrasonic cleaning tanks; these machines are ideally suited to cleaning and degreasing larger aerospace components. For larger parts, two-stage wash and DI rinse ultrasonic machines are typically used. To avoid any staining on the machined surfaces Rotajet can also fit an additional freshwater purge. The wash solutions can be monitored using pH or conductivity and all readings are data-logged for traceability. Rotajet will supply the machines with a suitable aerospace-approved degreasing chemical, along with all test and control methods for the wash solution.

If the components are too large for the standard Rotajet ultrasonic cleaning machines, Rotajet can manufacture bespoke machines to accommodate larger sized parts.

New Component Crack Detection

Our ultrasonic machines are used for degreasing and cleaning aerospace components prior to dye penetration crack detection. The multistage ultrasonic systems are fitted with four stages: wash, rinse, freshwater rinse and dry. In areas where the water is hard and contains high levels of calcium salts, the final rinse is normally passed through ion exchange resins to reduce the dissolved salt levels in the rinse water. In NDT application, the machines are fitted with water monitoring and data-logging features. 

For larger components which the standard ultrasonic cleaning and degreasing machines will not accommodate, Rotajet manufacture bespoke machines.

Ultrasonic Tanks - RJ-USC/2

Aerospace ultrasonic cleaner
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Rotajet are the experts in the design and manufacture of cleaning and degreasing machinery for the aerospace industry. We’ve created intuitive systems to re-purpose, repair and manufacture metal and plastic components.