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Ultrasonic cleaning has been used in many industries for decades to remove surface contaminants from components. This method of cleaning removes grease, dirt, oils and other contaminants from the product and ensures the very highest standard of cleaning.

Remove contaminants with ultrasonic cleaning

Ultrasonic cleaning works by first submerging the item to be cleaned in either an aqueous or a solvent based solution. This liquid is then agitated to decrease the activation energy required to lift the surface contaminants and thereby increase the speed of the operation. Ultrasonic sound waves are used to create this agitation, typically within the range of 20-40KHz which is well above the bandwidth of normal human hearing. The agitation caused by this high-frequency sound creates cavitation bubbles which exert pressure on the product being cleaned, stripping it of all contaminants.

In addition to our standalone systems we also manufacture fully automated, integrated ultrasonic systems. This allows you to increase your throughput rate and reduce the amount of handling needed. This efficient method of cleaning is used all over the world during the manufacture of many varying products currently in mass production.

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Our work is now internationally recognised in over 20 countries worldwide and thanks to our dedication and reliability our network is constantly expanding.


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Due to the versatility and thorough cleaning operation of these machines, Rotajet’s range of Ultrasonic Cleaning Equipment has been used by many industries across the world, including; automotive, aerospace, military, food & beverage, electronic, optic plastics, textile, medical, paints & coating, and maintenance.

If you would like to know more about how Rotajet’s Ultrasonic Cleaning Solutions can enhance your production, get in touch with our team today.

Ultrasonic Tanks

Rotajet’s Ultrasonic Tank provides a safe and comprehensive solution to cleaning and decontaminating parts and components across a range of industries. Using an environmentally-friendly, water-based cleaning process these ultrasonic tanks can offer the highest level of precise cleaning within very little operation time.

Due to their efficient and accurate design, Rotajet’s Ultrasonic tanks are fully equipped to manage the removal of oils, chips, polishing residues, rubber, and other general impurities. With the bespoke combination of the suitable wash solution and the agitation of the liquid through high-frequency soundwaves, these machines can offer the ideal solution for a broad range of industries and applications around the world.

Supplied as standard tank size, these machines can also be custom designed by Rotajet engineers to suit the specific application for which they are intended. For these unique machines, Rotajet’s engineers will carry out full design studies according to the specific requirements of the operation, taking into account; the specific part intended for washing, material pollution and contaminants, chemical selection, heat, and the power/frequency parameters of the Ultrasonic Machine. On top of this, the Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) of parts and components for the manufacturing of these machines can help to ensure that the Ultrasonic Tank will be safe for use with the products as well as the operator and environment.

With this level of accurate design and manufacturing, you can be sure that your Ultrasonic Tank will be fit for purpose and meet the requirements of your specific operation once installed at your facility. If you would like to know more about our range of Ultrasonic Cleaning Machines, get in touch with our dedicated team today.

Ultrasonic Multistage Systems

Rotajet’s Ultrasonic Multistage Systems are the ideal solution for providing a thorough cleaning of parts and components in large-scale production, across a range of industries.

With the multi-stage design of this Ultrasonic System, parts and components are automatically passed through 5 individual stages of cleaning; pre-wash, ultrasonic wash, rinse, passivation, and drying. This full cartesian conveying process allows for the quick and comprehensive cleaning of parts with no need for operator input, leaving you with clean parts that are suitable for reuse in the industry. 

With the Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) of parts prior to manufacture, we make sure that our machines are fit-for-purpose and will not cause any level of damage or corrosion to the products being passed through the cleaning machine. This means that our machines can be manufactured to suit a range of purposes, including:

  • Surface cleaning and degreasing prior to painting and coating
  • Removing oils, chips, polishing residues and other industrial contaminations from parts
  • Cleaning engines, valves, pistons, shock absorbers and other parts for the automotive industry
  • Cleaning machine parts for fitting and installation
  • Cleaning parts for ovens, refrigerators, dish washers, etc.
  • Deep cleaning of medical and surgical instruments
  • Cleaning for the electronic industry
  • Cleaning for other various industry parts and components across; textiles, food & beverage, metal, optic and plastics, automotive and aerospace
  • Protecting parts from corrosion

With the wide range of uses and benefits of Rotajet’s Ultrasonic Multistage Systems, you can be sure that your system will be fit for your intended purpose whilst also offering the highest throughput rate for your production. For more information on how this system can optimise your operation, contact our team today for a one-on-one chat about our available solutions.

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Rotajet are the experts in the design and manufacture of cleaning and degreasing machinery. We’ve worked with some of the worlds biggest brands to create intuitive systems to repurpose, repair and manufacture metal and plastic components.

Ultrasonic Cleaners

Ultrasonic Cleaning is a vital decontamination stage for many applications including non-destructive testing of automotive and aviation parts or components.

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