Ultrasonic Cleaning

Ultrasonic cleaning has been used in many industries for decades to remove surface contaminants from components. This method of cleaning removes grease, dirt, oils and other contaminants from the product and ensures the very highest standard of cleaning.

Remove contaminants with ultrasonic cleaning

Ultrasonic cleaning works by first submerging the item to be cleaned in either an aqueous or a solvent based solution. This liquid is then agitated to decrease the activation energy required to lift the surface contaminants and thereby increase the speed of the operation. Ultrasonic sound waves are used to create this agitation, typically within the range of 20-40KHz which is well above the bandwidth of normal human hearing. The agitation caused by this high-frequency sound creates cavitation bubbles which exert pressure on the product being cleaned, stripping it of all contaminants.

In addition to our standalone systems we also manufacture fully automated, integrated ultrasonic systems. This allows you to increase your throughput rate and reduce the amount of handling needed. This efficient method of cleaning is used all over the world during the manufacture of many varying products currently in mass production.

bench top single stage ultrasonic cleaner

Single Stage

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Our work is now internationally recognised in over 20 countries worldwide and thanks to our dedication and reliability our network is constantly expanding.


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