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Leading Manufacturer of Degreasing Machinery and Equipment

Ultrasonic Tank Washing Machine


Rotajet manufacture a full range of ultrasonic cleaning machinery, from small bench top to lrage multistage ultrasonic cleaning systems

Rotajet Ultrasonic Tank Washing Machine

Rotajet 1K MODEL-B Ultrasonic Washing Machine


Ideal solution for general purpose Industrial part washing and degreasing!

Proper and effective cleaning with less operation time. Enviromentally Friendly water based cleaning process. Tank sizes are standardized. Specific needs are specially tailor designed by our engineers 

Benefits of using our Ultrasonic Machine:

  • Removes oil, chip, polishing residue, lime, rubber remains and general impurities.
  • Reveals a clean and corrosion-resistant surface.

Most of our machines are used by:

  • Automotive industry
  • Metal industry
  • Military defense industry
  • Food industry
  • Electronic industry
  • Optic plastic industry
  • Textile industry
  • Medical industry
  • In all mass production industries, prior to coating and painting pocess
  • In all industries for maintenance purposes (PVC, rubber, aluminium moulds cleaning)

Washing Process Flow

Studies are carried out exclusively by the Rotajet Engineers, according to the part to be washed, material pollution, selecting chemical, heat and ultrasonic power/frequency parameters.