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RJ-RDW Swarf Recycling Line

The RJ-RDW has been designed with heavy contamination in mind.  The robust design of the machine has increased its capacity to handle oversized material as well as very heavy oils and carbon deposits.

The Process flow of the RJ-RDW

1) Bulk Storage

Once the particle size has been reduced through a four shaft shredder or by a hammer mill the material is typically stored in a bulk storage vessel. This infeed hopper regulates how fast the material is introduced into the line through the integrated vibratory bed.  All wetted parts are manufactured from stainless steel with carbon steel supporting frame, painted to the RAL 5010.

2) Decontamination

Both the chemical wash and rinse stages are completed within specially designed wash trommels.  The material is gradually screwed through the trommel and subjected to the impingement action of the wash liquor delivered at high pressure. The combination of the physical impingements and chemical action removes surface carbon. The wash liquors used will be decided on a case by case basis to account for varying contamination levels and applications.

Once the product is transferred to the rinse trommel the same physical impingement is used to rinse the product, removing the chemicals used and leaving a clean product ready for drying.

Each stage is fitted with access panels for cleaning and maintenance as well as course and pressure filtration. To ensure the longevity of the machine low water protection, auto water infill and temperature control. Each tank will be manufactured with sloping bottoms to feed central draining point, allowing IBC to be fitted underneath.           


In order to remove heavy oils and carbon deposits it is vital that both the wash liquor and the fresh water rinse tanks are heated. To provide flexibility we can provide heating through: Gas, Steam, electric and oil.

3) Drying

Drying metal turnings is notoriously difficult due to how quickly the material dissipates heat. In addition direct heating will introduce surface carbon rendering the product useless for vacuum melting. To combat this Rotajet have incorporated a new and highly efficient method.

Our vibratory spiral dryers are both a conveying system and a dryer combined. The principle is simple, as the spiral vibrates the product is transferred up the spiral and any remaining water flows back down. Manufactured from 304ss, the dryer has 3000mm lift and fitted with a 3kW motor with indirect heat blown into the insulated housing.

4) Ferrous Removal

To achieve optimum separation a combination of magnets are used to separate the ferrous contamination. In order to remove the heavy contamination the stream is first passed under an overband magnet before being fed through a drum magnet to remove any light ferrous that is sat underneath. The material is then passed to our double bagging station ready to be sold for vacuum melting.

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