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Overhaul and refurbishment of washing and degreasing machines


Rotajet provide a overhaul and refurbishment service for all makes of industrial washing and degreasing spray washing, parts washing and ultrasonic cleaning machines

Overhaul and refurbishment

Rotajet offer a overhaul and reconditioning service in which existing machines are completely reconditioned and fitted with modern components, rewired and bought up to the latest technical and safety requirements.

Prior to the start of the start of this process Rotajet would carry out recommendations and cleaning improvements report. This report will detail the current condition of the machine and expected cleaning performance, throughput capacities etc…It will also cover the improvements that overhaul and refurbishment will achieve.

Rotajet will remove and transport the degreasing machine back to Rotajet workshop`s, in which it will be fully cleaned down, and any worn or faulty parts replaced with modern parts. Rotajet can also replace all lagging with new and repaint any surface.