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At Rotajet we want to make sure your machines remain in service for many years to come. That’s why we provide full backup services, maintenance and spares on our industrial washing and degreasing machinery. For more information, please see the list below:

Rotajet offer a range of service and maintenance contracts for most makes and models of industrial washing and degreasing machinery. Typically the service and maintenance contracts are tailored to meet the customer’s specific requirements and in many cases also includes waste collections and machine clean outs.  

A Rotajet engineer performs the machine clean out`s and also undertakes routine maintenance, this not only reduces effluent costs but also reduces downtime and the premature wear of critical machine components.

For larger customers with multiple machines, Rotajet can also include in the service and maintenance consignment stock for machine consumables, such as filters socks, detergents etc… 

Over a period of time the washing solution in an industrial washing machine / degreasing machine builds up contaminates and has to be replaced. Rotajet provides a service in which the machine is emptied out, fully cleaned down and serviced prior to refilling with washing detergents. For smaller machines Rotajet typically pumps the waste solutions into drums or IBC`s and the waste is then collected by an approved ADR driver. For larger machines, Rotajet send a vacuum tanker to site and the machine is then emptied, cleaned and any sludge and sediment removed prior to refilling and putting the machine back into service.

Rotajet provide a service contract for the waste collection and clean out service, this would typically include a schedule of cleanout frequency. We take care of everything from risk assessments for each clean out to all waste transfer notes being issued.

While the clean out is being performed the Rotajet engineer will undertake routine maintenance of the degreasing machine / washing machine. Typically the engineer will check seals, bearings, spray nozzles, pumps, and pipe-work etc. This routine maintenance and complete machine clean out ensures the machine is always working at optimum performance.

Rotajet carry out this service on both Rotajet machines and also other manufacturers machinery. In many cases, Rotajet adds further filtration to existing machinery to prolong the working life of cleaning solutions. This not only reduces effluent costs but also reduces downtime and the premature wear of critical machine components.

If you would like further details on Rotajet`s waste collections and clean out service, please do not hesitate to contact us on the link below or by using the live chat feature on this website.

Rotajet stock and supply a wide range of pumps, filters, spray nozzles, pumps seals, door seals etc. used in almost most types of degreasing and industrial washing machines. For non-stock items, we can typically source a replacement in a short time frame.

In addition to direct supply, for larger customers, we also offer consignment stock for consumables such as filters socks, filter seals, cleaning detergents etc…

Rotajet offer an overhaul and reconditioning service in which existing machines are completely reconditioned and fitted with modern components, rewired and bought up to the latest technical and safety requirements.

Prior to the start of this process, Rotajet would carry out a recommendations and cleaning improvements report. This report will detail the current condition of the machine and expected cleaning performance, throughput capacities etc. It will also cover the improvements that the overhaul and refurbishment will achieve.

Rotajet will remove and transport the degreasing machine back to Rotajet workshops, in which it will be fully cleaned down, and any worn or faulty parts replaced with modern parts. Rotajet can also replace all lagging with new and repaint any surface.  

Rotajet have many years of experience in industrial washing and degreasing applications. We can carry out on-site or workshop evaluations on any model or make of parts of washing and degreasing equipment.

After our evaluation, a report is produced that details the following:

–      Full technical specification of the degreasing machine

–      Energy consumption expectations

–      Cleaning performance expectations

–      Throughput capacities

Rotajet will also give recommendations to improve throughput capacities, reduction in energy and effluent and how to achieve improved cleaning results.

If you have any more questions about the service and maintenance contracts that we provide please get in touch on the link below, by the live chat feature on this site or by email at info@rotajet.co.uk

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Rotajet are the experts in the design and manufacture of cleaning and degreasing machinery. We’ve  created intuitive systems to re-purpose, repair and manufacture metal and plastic components.

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We’ve been making degreasing machines for over 30 years. In that time we have produced over 1000 different machines and developed a whole range of standard offerings to choose from.

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