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How to Clean an Engine

Traditional methods to clean an engine are extremely labour intensive. Rotajet have designed machinery to reduce the time needed to clean engines, whilst drastically increasing the cleaning standards achieved.

Rotajet D-series are used all over the world to clean engines and can be designed to clean any engine; from small bike engines to 20m Locomotives. Forget the wire brush, forget any rigorous scrubbing. By automating the degreasing process with Rotajet D-series, you can clean an engine and have a cup of tea at the same time.  

Simply load the engine into the spray washer via the wash basket, close the safety door and turn on the wash cycle. During the automated wash cycle, reciprocating spray arms are used to deliver solvents or aqueous solutions at high pressure. The jetting is set to a V-pattern to ensure complete coverage of the engine in order to deliver high and reliable cleaning standards.

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Degreasing engines can be hazardous due to the chemicals required and the variety of contaminates present. Rotajets D-series has many safety features to protect you whilst you degrease your engine. Safety interlocks are engaged whilst the cleaning cycle is in progress, preventing any contact with the degreasing chemicals. These safety interlocks remain engaged until the temperatures have returned to a safe level and the degreasing chemicals have been drained into the recirculation tanks.

Within 10 minutes, without any effort, contaminates are completely removed and your engine is ready to be installed or tested for defects with a Rotajet NDT line.


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If you’re interested in reducing the labour and/or costs associated with degreasing engines, a Rotajet D-series Front-Loading spray washer is the ideal machine for you. For further information, including; technical drawings, prices and datasheets, just get in touch with our technical team today or click here to view the full product description.