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Ultrasonic cleaning machines used for processing 3D printed parts.


Rotajet manufacture and supply a range of ultrasonic cleaning machines used for cleaning 3D printed parts.

Parts which have been 3D printed; require cleaning and removal of support structure, prior to packaging. This process can take a long time manually, Rotajet manufacture a range of bench top ultrasonic cleaners which can conduct this task, without the need of operator training or input. For larger components Rotajet manufacture ultrasonic cleaning industrial tanks, these can be loaded manually or automatically loaded using a multistage ultrasonic cleaning system. The process cleaning cycle and operating parameters can be fully logged for traceability.

The benefits of the system are:-

Efficiently removes support structure from ABS, Polycarbonate, Nylon 12 and PCABS printed components.

Cleans intricate parts and blind holes etc…

Easy to operate, little training required

Reduced operator input

Consistent, traceable cleaning results

Rotajet manufacture a range of standard ultrasonic industrial tanks and multistage ultrasonic systems, for components which cannot be accommodated in this range, Rotajet manufacture bespoke / custom ultrasonic cleaning systems.