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Pharmaceutical Manufacturing using ultrasonic cleaning systems for cleaning tablet press dies, mixing equipment, machine parts etc...


Rotajet ultrasonic cleaning machines and multistage ultrasonic cleaning systems are used in the pharmaceutical industry for cleaning tablet press dies, filters, mixing equipment and various machinery parts, between batches and clean downs.

Rotajet ultrasonic cleaning systems are used throughout the Pharmaceutical Manufacturing industry for cleaning machine parts…Routinely process equipment has to be fully cleaned down between batches or machine inspection. The equipment has to clean to a known standard, ultrasonic cleaning offers the highest standard of cleaning, automated cleaning and fast turnaround with minimal operator input. For small parts Rotajet supply bench top ultrasonic cleaners, for larger components industrial ultrasonic cleaning tanks are used.

Typically Rotajet industrial ultrasonic cleaning tanks are used; these are supplied as single stage ultrasonic cleaners or combined with a rinsing section.

For very large components, Rotajet can manufacture bespoke industrial ultrasonic cleaning tanks or supply submersible ultrasonic transducers which can be fitted to existing cleaning tanks.

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