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Medical Devices and Orthopaedic Implants manufacturers use ultrasonic cleaning systems for the removal of oils, grease and lapping paste used in the manufacturing process.


Rotajet ultrasonic cleaning machines and multistage ultrasonic cleaning systems are used in the medical device and orthopaedic manufacturing industry for the removal of process oils, grease, and lapping pastes from metal components.

Rotajet ultrasonic cleaning machines are used by the medical device and orthopaedic manufacturing industry. The machines are generally used for in process cleaning of components and parts prior to final assembly and cleaning. The contamination is typically oils, greases and lapping pastes etc… used in the machining and polishing processes of the components.

The ultrasonic washing machines can be supplied as single stage ultrasonic cleaners or multistage ultrasonic cleaning systems fitted with automatic basket transfer.  The machines can be fitted with pH and conductivity control to monitor the cleaning and rinsing solutions, all the readings can be data logged for process traceability.

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