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Leading Manufacturer of Degreasing Machinery and Equipment

Defence manufacturing, ultrasonic cleaning complex components and parts


Rotajet ultrasonic cleaning machines and multistage ultrasonic cleaning systems are used for cleaning and degreasing complex components and parts in the defence manufacturing industry

Rotajet ultrasonic cleaning equipment is used for cleaning small complex components and parts. Typically used for degreasing small complex parts and small components, for low production runs components bench top ultrasonic cleaners can be used, for high volume small parts, multistage ultrasonic cleaning system can be used fitted with automatic loading and unloading. The cleaning and degreasing solutions can be controlled with pH and the rinse water controlled with conductivity meters, all readings can be data logged for traceability.

 For and degreasing and cleaning larger components, Rotajet manufacture a range of ultrasonic cleaning tanks and which can be fitted with filtration, recirculation pumps etc... For very large components, Rotajet can custom build an ultrasonic system or provide submersible transducer which can be retro fitted to existing process tanks to speed up processes or achieve a higher standard of cleaning.

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