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Boiler Maintenance: using ultrasonic cleaning systems for component cleaning and scale removal.


Rotajet ultrasonic cleaning machines and multistage ultrasonic cleaning systems are throughout the boiler repair and maintenance industry for removal scale and magnetite deposits from heat exchangers.

Rotajet ultrasonic cleaning equipment is used for cleaning heat exchangers from small household boilers, to large marine heat exchangers. Over period time the heat exchangers become less efficient due to a build up of scale and magnetite. Traditional the plates from the heat exchangers have been difficult and time consuming to clean, this in many household cases, made it uneconomical to do, and replacing with new was the only option.  Rotajet bench top ultrasonic cleaners can be used for cleaning small heat exchangers onsite, once cleaned; they can be put back into service. The process uses an inhibited mildly acidic cleaner at 45oc; the cleaner uses a combination of specific surfactants in conjunction with the ultrasonic cavitations to completely remove all scale and magnetite residues.

For cleaning large heat exchangers from marine or industrial applications the contamination depends on the environment in which the heat exchanger has been used. Rotajet supply a range of different cleaning chemicals that are used in large Rotajet ultrasonic cleaning tanks. The standard range of ultrasonic tanks, accommodate most heat exchangers found in industry. For very large heat exchangers Rotajet can custom build a ultrasonic cleaning system or provide submersible transducer which can be retro fitted to existing tanks.

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