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Tubes and hoses cleaning and degreasing


Rotajet industrial spray washers, degreasing machines, parts washers and tunnel washing machines, are used for washing and degreasing tubes and hoses prior to inspection, surface coatings or packaging.

Tubes and hoses cleaning and degreasing

Rotajet industrial spray washing machines and tunnel washing machines are used for cleaning and degreasing tubes and hoses prior to further operations.

Rotajet industrial spray washing machine

These machines are used for low volume tubes and hoses or complicated components that require external cleaning and internal flushing.  Low volume components are placed in a Jig within the Rotajet front loading spray washing machines and the pipe and tubes are degreased using a heated detergent, typically for ferrous components a rinse in used containing a corrosion inhibitor to offer corrosion protection prior to further operations, for stainless, aluminium or alloy tubes water is used for the rinse. Any swarf that is removed is collected in the coarse filters in the Rotajet spray washer. If the pipes and tubes have been manufactured into complex orientations and require internal flushing, the Rotajet “Flushmaster” parts washer is used, this machine can internally flush pipes and tubes using washing solution that is filtered to sub micron particle size.

Rotajet Tunnel washers

Rotajet tunnel washing machines are used for cleaning high volume degreasing and washing of tubes and hoses. The Rotajet tunnel washers can be manufactured to accommodate most pipes and tubes, larger pipes and tubes may require special purpose built machines. The Rotajet tunnel washing are manufactured as single stage washers or multistage tunnel fitted with wash, rinse and dry.