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Tooling cleaning and degreasing


Rotajet industrial spray washers and degreasing machinesparts washers and ultrasonic cleaning machines, are used for washing and degreasing tooling, prior to inspection and repair

Tooling cleaning and degreasing

Rotajet Industrial spray washing machine

These machines are used for cleaning and washing tooling prior to repair or inspection. Over a period of time the tools become contaminated with lubricant breakdown, overheating etc…This contamination needs to be routinely removed to avoid build up and future problems.  The Rotajet D series indutrial spray washing machine is ideal for this process, the Rotajet parts washer, washes the tooling using a neutral based degreaser which removes the lubricant build up on the tools. In processes that use plastics, heavy lubricants etc…a alkaline detergent may have to used in the first wash to break down the lubricant, in this instance Rotajet recommend a two stage industrial spray washing machine, this will wash and rinse the tools.

In some situations Rotajet ultrasonic cleaning systems may be used to remove the lubricant / carbon build from small areas of the tooling.