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Sheet Metal Components degreasing and cleaning


Rotajet spray washers and degreasing, parts washers and tunnel washing machines, are used for washing and degreasing sheet metal components, prior to painting, assembly or packaging.

Sheet metal components washing and degreasing

Rotajet spray washing machines and tunnel washing machines are used for cleaning and degreasing sheet metal components prior to further operations.

Rotajet Industiral Spray Washing machine

These machines are used for low volume metal stampings or larger stampings. The Rotajet s multi-stage indsutrial spray wash and rinse for washing metal stampings. The standard Rotajet industrial spray washer machines will accommodate components from 600mm square to 2800mm square. If your components are larger we can manufacture custom built machines.

Rotajet Tunnel washing machines

Rotajet tunnel washing machines are used for cleaning high volume degreasing and washing of metal stampings. The Rotajet tunnel washers can be manufactured to accommodate most stampings used in the automotive industry, larger stampings may require special purpose built machines. The Rotajet tunnel washing are manufactured as single stage washers or multistage tunnel fitted with wash, rinse and dry.