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Rolling stock wheelsets cleaning and degreasing


Rotajet spray washers and degreasing machines are used for cleaning and degreasing rolling stock wheelsets prior to inspection, repair, crack detection.

 Rolling stock wheelsets cleaning and degreasing

Rotajet industrial spray washing machines are used for degreasing wheel sets, prior to inspection, repair and crack detection. The wheelsets are typically contaminated with oil, grease, brake dust which is very difficult to remove effectively in a reliable quick process. The Rotajet industrial spray washer is designed to wash one wheelset per cycle and is fitted with dedicated jetting to ensure the wheelset is completely clean after the washing cycle. The Rotajet parts washing machine is fitted with two stages, wash and rinse. The standard Rotajet parts washer will process one wheelset every 15 minutes, for higher throughput requirement Rotajet can manufacture a tunnel washer in which large volumes of wheelset can be processed every hour.