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Reusable dunnage washer, Tray washer, Tote washer, box washer


Rotajet manufacturer’s machine`s for washing and degreasing trays, tote boxes used in the automotive industry for shipping parts to component assembly plants.

Rotajet Systems Limited manufacture of tray washing systems, the machines can be supplied as batch washing tray washing and tote box washing systems or automated systems with either just or multistage washers fitted automated in feed, wash, rinse, dry and automated out feed.

Rotajet`s tray washing systems are manufacture from stainless steel and can be heated with either electric immersion heaters, steam coils or gas burners. Once loaded, the trays, transferred through the washing machine using speed controlled plastic chain conveyor.  All used cleaning solutions are filtered using firstly coarse filter baskets and then filtered under pressure using a Rotajet pressure filtration unit. Rinse waters on the Rotajet tray washing and tote box washing systems can be controlled with either pH or conductivity and data logged to maintain process controls.

The drying system on the Rotajet tray washing systems, can be heated by either electric or gas, the dryers are fitted with air knifes for initial blow off and then hot air purge to ensure the pallet are completely dry.

The standard Rotajet tray washing and tote box washing systems range from throughputs of a few dozen per hour to many hundreds per hour. The systems are typically used in the food, transport and automotive industries.

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