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Rotajet Manufactured and Installed D24 for Washing and Degreasing Turbo Charger Casings Prior to Rebuild

Rotajet Systems Limited has recently installed a Rotajet D24 Front Loading Spray Washing Machine into a large UK turbo remanufacturing company.

The D24 Front Loading Spray Washer is used for the removal of steel shot and corrosion protection prior to rebuild of the turbo. In the remanufacturing process, the ferrous (Hot Side) of the turbo charger is cleaned using steel shot. Due to the shape and orientation of the castings the steel shot is difficult to remove completely using a traditional Spray Washing Machine. The Rotajet D24 Front Loading Spray Washing Machine is fitted with bottom and top spray bars that remove all external debris, and also an internal flushing system that ensures the compartments of the casting are completely cleaned.

The Rotajet D24 Front Loading Spray Washer uses a heated detergent and corrosion inhibitor for the cleaning agent. The machine is fitted with force air extraction, which ensures the components flash dry in the machine.



Rotajet has supplied many machines into the turbo remanufacturing industry, ranging from small ultrasonic cleaners, to large multistage spray washing machines used for cleaning and degreasing ships turbo`s prior to rebuild. If you have any specific cleaning or degreasing requirements, please do not hesitate to contact us.