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Rotajet Installed D80 Three Stage Degreasing, Rinsing and Drying Machine for Phosphating Into Powder Coating Company


Rotajet Systems Limited has recently installed a D80 Three Stage Front Loading Spray Washing Machine into a powder coating company.

The machine is used for degreasing and iron phosphating of large sheet metal fabrications prior to powder coating. The Rotajet D80 Front Loading Spray Washer uses a heated combined iron phosphate degreaser to remove any surface grease, oil and loose scale. After the initial treatment in the spray washer, the components are rinsed using heated water. The heat rinse is monitored for pH and adjusted automatically if the pH falls outside operating parameters.

After the rinse the components are dried using a forced air drying system, which ensures the components are totally dry prior to powder coating. The iron phosphate conversion coating not only gives a excellent key for the powder coating, but also provides corrosion to the underlying metal surface.



Rotajet manufacture a range of phosphating machines for pretreating metals prior to wet or powder coating. If you have a specific cleaning, degreasing or phosphating requirement please do not hesitate to contact us.