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Rotajet Manufactured and Installed D24 for Washing and Degreasing Turbo Charger Casings Prior to Rebuild

Rotajet Systems Limited has recently installed a Rotajet D24 Front Loading Spray Washing Machine into a large UK turbo remanufacturing company.

The D24 Front Loading Spray Washer is used for the removal of steel shot and corrosion protection

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Rotajet Manufacture and Install Dunker for Decarbonising and Degreasing Cylinder Heads.

Rotajet Systems Limited has recently installed a Rotajet DM5 Dunk Washer into a railway locomotive workshop for cleaning, paint stripping and carbon removal from cylinder heads of a large diesel engines.

The Rotajet DM5 dunk washer uses a heated

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Rotajet Manufacture Twin stage Tunnel Washer for Degreasing and Washing Steel Tubes Prior to Laser Inspection.

Rotajet Systems Limited have recently installed a large Tunnel Washing machine into an automotive tube manufacturing company.

The machine is used for washing, degreasing and drying tubes of up to 3000mm both internally and externally, prior to

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Rotajet Washing Machines - Key to Fast Turnaround of Axle & Transmission Repairs on Trucks, Buses, Cranes and Excavators

After purchasing its first Rotajet cleaning  and degreasing machine almost by default, Ecodrive Transmissions, a ZF Drive Centre, now has three such machines, with another on order.

The company specialises in repairing truck, bus, crane and

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Rotajet Machine Saves Labour Time and Solves Problem of Effective Cleaning of Large Electronic Motors for Brush Traction

Rotajet Systems has designed and supplied a bespoke machine to Brush Traction Limited, for the cleaning and degreasing of large electric motors internally contaminated with large quantities of carbon dust, and externally with grease and rail.. Read more

Big Order for Vector Aerospace

Rotajet Systems has just completed an order worth over £150,000, to install and commission industrial cleaning machines for Vector Aerospace, which provides maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) services for aircraft operators all over the world,

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