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Hydraulic Component cleaning and degreasing


Rotajet spray washers, parts washers are used for cleaning, degreasing and flushing hydraulic components prior to assembly and servicing

Hydraulic component cleaning and washing 

Rotajet spray washers and parts washing machines are used for degreasing and flushing hydraulic components prior to build or maintenance. Rotajet “Flushmaster” spray washers can be fitted with jigs in which the internal chambers and galleries of hydraulic components can be flushed free to swarf debris, dust, oils etc…prior to assembly. Washing and flushing media can be filtered to sub micron level to ensure the components meet the required Millipore checks and tests.

The Rotajet spray washers can be supplied as single stage or multi-stage washing machines which will wash, rinse and dry components.

For cleaning components prior to service, Rotajet recommend assemblies are washed and degreased in a Rotajet Spray washing machine prior to stripping down. Once the components have been tested and serviced, they are then cleaned in a Rotajet “Flushmater” to ensure any internal debris is removed and the components fully washed prior to rebuild.